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After doing some research I purchased a warranty with Carchex because they were a good warranty company but now I'm regretting ever doing any business with these people. They took my money and destroyed my property and aren't interested in fixing what they broke.

They just keep asking for more work on top of the work just to keep denying my claim. I was having car trouble and per my warranty with this place had my car towed to the Chrysler dealer. The mechanic checked the car and contacted me saying the engine had blown and they needed an authorization from me to tear down the engine. I, in return, called the warranty place and spoke with them and the representative said that I did right in contacting them before giving the mechanic the authorization because if I would have allowed them to do the tear down without their permission then I would've been liable for the charges.

They give me the go ahead and I re-contact the dealer. They tear the engine down and find out the cause of the problem. The piston head and #6 valve fell into the motor which was a mechanical failure and covered under the warranty. After the tear down an inspector goes to the dealership, takes pictures and then denies my claim.

I call the warranty place to get an understanding as to why they denied my claim and they said because it was a new warranty. If they felt that way then why did they have the dealer tear the engine down in the first place? Oh, I know, so that I would have to pay the mechanic for Carchex authorizing the tear down. Then they said they were going to send another inspector out to check it out and needed the mechanic to tear the engine down even more.

Now at this point the cost was $841 with a denied claim. The mechanic tears the engine down even more per the warranties request and comes back with the same thing the piston head and #6 valve fell into the motor causing it to blow. It's nothing that the operator has done to cause this mishap. Again the warranty people denied the claim and now the bill is $1370.

Everything that they requested to be done was done and yet and still they deny the warranty even though I paid my money. The Chrysler dealership has had my car since June and here it is the end of July and I just keep getting the run around from Carchex. Now I am out of a car and have to pay $1370 to pay the mechanic and still have to find a way to fix my car. I thought the purpose of having a warranty was to help pay for the cost of repairs to the vehicle not tear the vehicle up even more causing the customer more money to fix it.

So, yes I am a pissed consumer and this company is a scam and my advice to everyone is to stay away from this warranty company they cost you more than their worth.

I will be reporting these issues with the BBB, social media, and any other place that I can think of because this is an erroneous business and the way that they misrepresent themselves to consumers is a travesty. All that sounds good isn't always good.

This reviewer shared experience about warranty issue and wants this business to "i want carchex to pay the full price to the dealership and a new motor put into my car minus the $100 deductible that i am responsible for" as the author lost $1370. The author is overall dissatisfied with CARCHEX. The most disappointing about carchex warranty from CARCHEX was how they didnt fix the issue just made it worst, that they gave me the run around for a month and erroneous information that was given Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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thinking about a service contract from them..not now..easy care,here 1 come.


I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience with CARCHEX. I'll reach out to you now so that I can try to rectify the situation immediately.


Sharon Resnick

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